2–5 February 2021


Special Event

Patterning Place


Presenting Author(s): Dr Tristan Schultz
02 February 2021

Patterning Place is a confluence of perspectives and an opportunity to see intelligible revealing of patterns.

In respecting the aliveness of Country that ServDes.2020 is hosted on and the various lands where attendees are gathering from, guests are invited to be in a respectful, relational way of being to reflect on and articulate the diverse contributions as patterns of relationships. It requires a re-orientation to always be in dialogue with knowing that lives within and embedded in Country, revealing itself to us to listen and observe. This means to regard as valid this knowing that lives within the visual relations and depend on it to situate us with place, during the conference. This is an Indigenous ontological framework that respects knowledge being offered by relationships between collective bodies and Country. We encourage guests to recognise difference from a Western ontology that posits that knowledge derives from individual humans extracting it from inert matter.

On Day 1 of the conference, guests are invited to engage on Miro Board where they will find cards with questions on social and political patterns. How are you related to the being of designing? How does it move over the conference? Between presentations and workshops, guests are invited to return to Patterning Place to offer their cards and cumulatively build visual dialogues. Here, the collection of cards offers a reading into the relational patterns that emerges. In turn, participants are encouraged to experience and transform their perceptions each time by being in dialogue with visual patterns that designs back on them in revealing ways. This is important for recognising visual patterns of service design in a context of plurality, in respecting what has been revealed on Country and accommodate other patterns offered to us by other Countries in their time and place too.

Europe (CET): 1st to 2nd February 2021 12:00 pm to 1:30 am

US (EST): 1st February 2021 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Please note the same zoom link will be used for Welcome to Country, Keynote and Patterning Place. The Keynote will dovetail directly with Patterning Place, and Tristan will guide us using Miro. Please make sure you have signed up to Miro as a user if you are keen to participate in this session live.

The specific Miro board for Patterning Place and the password will be accessible to those who have registered and Signed In. If you are signed in click "Watch Live Event Here" below and enter the given password. Miro should open in a new tab.

We will also post the Miro Board link and password on the zoom chat after Uncle Norm and Tristan's Keynote is over.

Please note the same zoom link will be used for Welcome to Country, Keynote and Patterning Place.

Tristan Schultz
Tristan Schultz
Relative Creative

Tristan Schultz is a descendant of the Gamilaroi people along with an eclectic mix of European genealogies. He is an interdisciplinary designer, strategist and researcher with a B.Design, M. Design Futures with Honours and a PhD in Design. His work intersects foresight and futures thinking, decolonial thinking, strategic design, mapping, Indigenous Knowledge, arts and culture and sustainability. He is affiliated with multiple universities and is Founder and Co-Director of a Jellurgal (Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast) strategic design agency Relative Creative, that focuses on designing communication, strategies, experiences and events that help people think, talk and mobilise sustainable futures. He is also one of eight international comrades in the Decolonising Design Group. Tristan has spearheaded critical design-led conversations, published, led major projects and collaborated nationally and internationally.