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In keeping our obligation to Bundjil, ServDes.2020 aims not to harm the biik biik (land) and wurneet (waterways). ServDes.2020 aims to work with suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, minimising waste, positive social impact and to shared futures with Indigenous peoples. 

Catering at ServDes.2020

Catering is provided by aiming for:

  • daily seasonal food delivery from local and sustainable sources to minimize waste    

  • the incorporation of native ingredients (herbs, fruits, succulents and spices) where possible to celebrate the diverse cultures of Australia  

  • fresh food made on site, avoiding the use of par-made or frozen goods  

  • recycling, composting and/or organic disposal of all food waste  

  • minimal single use items, such as china crockery, metal cutlery/serving platters and glassware  

  • 100% recycled, biodegradable tableware which can be locally composted with food scraps    


The suppliers include local non-profit organisations that are working with people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, long-term unemployment and social disadvantage. We also aim to work with suppliers that are family businesses, community-run and support Indigenous enterprises.


"Mabu Mabu is a term from the Torres Strait that translates to 'help yourself.' Traditionally, a Mabu Mabu is a banquet, shared table or big family meal. It's how we like to enjoy food on the islands: surrounded by the people we love. 

We are a Torres Strait Islander owned and run business. Nornie Bero the head chef and owner is a Meriam woman of the Komet Tribe from Mer Island in the Torres Strait. We're passionate about native ingredients, and use a variety of indigenous herbs, fruits, succulents and spices in all of our dishes. We want to help create a truely Australian cuisine by helping people to understand native flavours, and to use them in their every-day cooking. At Mabu Mabu we really do stick to what is in season, particularly with the fresh native vegetables – we can only get in stock what is in season which means the native produce we include in our dishes will change depending on the season. 

We also support other Indigenous businesses through our suppliers. Wherever possible we get our produce from Indigenous-owned farms. We also have Indigenous staff including servers and chefs that work at the café."

Mary & Steve

"We have been creating innovative, healthy and artistic catering from our North Carlton base for 42 years. Our family owned and run business always strives to create menus which highlight the best seasonal produce and provides a balanced and wholesome meal. We make everything on site including our own breads, pastries, stocks, sauces and preserves. We do not use any prepared frozen products or outsource to any third parties so our menus evolve through our collective interest in creating new ideas. Starting early in the morning, we make everything on the day it is consumed, for example our unbleached organic flour rolls and baguettes. This ensures our food is always exceptionally fresh, visually appealing and nutritious. We source from local suppliers, organic where possible, and endeavour to keep low food miles. The Queen Victoria Market is our main source of ingredients where the suppliers are either the farmers themselves or source from local growers. Through this method of sourcing, we are able to support Victorian food production as well as consistently use ingredients of exceptional standard."