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Day 4: Friday 5th Feb 2021

Care and wellbeing

  • Rethinking service design in addressing antimcrobial resistance in India (#140)

       Delina Evans (University of Arts London, UK)

       Alison Prendiville (University of Arts London, UK)

  • Operating under pressure: Alleviating hospital tensions through Service Design (#144)

       Elle Miller (Columbus College of Art & Design, US)
       Christopher Rabineau (Columbus College of Art & Design, US)

       Kendra Rabineau (Columbus College of Art & Design, US)

  • Emergency Department futures: a design investigation into ED waiting rooms (#146)

       Troy McGee (Monash University, Australia)
       Daphne Flynn (Monash University, Australia)

       Selby Coxon (Monash University, Australia)

       Rowan Page (Monash University, Australia)

  • Uncomfortable Immersion (#147)

       Chloe Coelho (Industrial Design graduate, RMIT, Australia)

Practice and Methods

  • ‘Discovering the reason that underlies unreason’: Developing designers’ intuition to guide decision-making in the design process (#143)

       Leander Kreltszheim (Mission Australia / RMIT, Australia)

  • Flip, split or extend – helping ‘mum and dad developers’ navigate housing design processes (#148)

       Nicholas Temov (University of Western Australia, Australia)

  • Service delivery of architectural design services: An experience-centric analysis
    (# 149)

       Linus Tan (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)

Questioning embedded cultures

  • Sensory design: Making sense of tensions, plurality and paradoxes in a culturally contested heritage site (#137)

       Kate Storey (RMIT, Australia)

  • Artificial intelligence in sustainable food systems design (#145)

       Stephanie Camarena (RMIT, Australia)

  • Service Design meets Chinese culture (# 152)

       Giulia Capriotti (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Organisational leadership

  • Psychological safety in design: The role of leadership in creating optimal climates for innovation (#142)

       Leander Kreltszheim (Mission Australia / RMIT, Australia)

       Jennifer Lennon (University of Melbourne, Australia)

  • Chief Design Officers in public organisations (#150)

       Debbie Ng (Think Place, Singapore)

  • Adopting a service design approach in financial organisations (#141)

       Virpi Kaartti (University of Johannesburg, Finland)