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Currency in Australian dollars (AU$)

Registration for ServDes.2020 will happen in stages with two separate payments:

Stage 1: Online Fee 


A base payment to register for the online conference. This is a mandatory part of the registration process.

*DUE THURSDAY 6 AUGUST for at least one author from each submission
DUE WEDNESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER for other delegates, including co-authors

Notes to help with the registration form are provided at the bottom of this page

Stage 2: On-site Fee

A separate payment, payable when the on-site conference is confirmed at RMIT University. At this stage options to pay for the Conference Dinner and the Learning about Indigeonous Cultures program will also open.


unless otherwise advised DUE WEDNESDAY 13 JANUARY 2021


(DUE 6 AUGUST main authors & 30 SEPTEMBER all delegates)

**This payment is a mandatory fee for all main authors, student forum main authors and workshop main facilitators and general attendees regardless of whether they are attending online or on-site in person. It provides access to parts of the program, the Keynotes, online workshops, pre-recorded presentations, chats, workshops and forums.


(DUE 13 JANUARY 2021)




*** This payment is mandatory for all those who will physically attend the conference in Melbourne. It provides access to catering/refreshments and other in-person activities on the program.

In order to register, we recommend you follow these steps:
Only one booking can be made per person.

Open the link to registration in a new tab.
If you are an  author please have your paper/workshop/student forum submission number (from Easy Chair) on hand.

On the bottom of the registration (page scroll down all the way) and click the green bar called ‘Create Booking’. This commences the registration process.

Please note that once selected, the registration process has a time limit so you will need to have all your information ready to enter into the form.
Select the appropriate registration type.

Check that all your details are correct
Click ‘Details are Correct – Proceed to Payment”
Click ’Visa or Mastercard’
Enter your email address if you need a receipt emailed
Click 'Process Payment'
Enter credit card details and click ‘Pay Now’
Confirmation of payment should be displayed on the screen and e-mailed.

If you spot any errors in your details, you can click ‘Cancel’, but this may delete all the data and you will need to start all over again.

If you have any difficulties using this registration system please contact info@servdes.org so we can provide assistance.

Conference Dinner:

The Conference Dinner, to be held on 3 February 2021, aims to ensure affordability and inclusivity as such the price includes food menu only and not alcohol. Guests are welcome to purchase the drinks of their choice at the dinner venue.

Learning about Indigenous Cultures: 

A program of Learning about Indigenous Cultures includes a wonderfully informative guided talk for groups (between 1–2hrs), offered by a local Indigenous organisation. We will follow up with a range of timings for you to choose from, after you have registered.

Financial Assistance:

For currently-enrolled students please make contact if you wish to seek financial assistance as per the inclusion policy regarding registration fee waivers and student travel support.

Interested in volunteering to receive a fee-waiver?

We welcome those with limited financial capacity to apply.

Please email: info@servdes.org

Cancellations & Refunds:

There will be no refunds for stage 1 registration cancellations.

Delegates that cancel stage 2 registration on or before the 22nd December will receive a full refund of the stage 2 registration costs paid, plus a refund of any additional purchases (such as the Conference Dinner and Learning About Indigenous Culture Tour).

Delegates that cancel registration after 22 December 2020 will not receive a refund.