Short Paper Track 

(Deadline 1st Dec 2019):


We invite exploratory, speculative, and/or provocative works, including those in progress. The short paper track aims to provide opportunities for lively and respectful discussion. Inspired by the growing endeavours to explore different modes of communicating knowledge and practice, ServDes.2020 invites three ways to submit to the short paper track that addresses the conference themes: 

1. Short scholarly paper up to 3000 words;


2. Other-than-Paper media plus an 800-word text that communicates and contributes knowledge in new or particular ways that the chosen media types allow;

3. Practice Notes – an 800-1000 word written piece aimed at a broad audience that asks questions, discusses methods or challenges notions of service design practice. Submission to this track may also include mixed media. 

Workshop Track 

(Deadline 1st Dec 2019):


The practice of running workshops is a key aspect of Service Design. Workshops submitted should address one of all the conference themes, which could include a focus on the tensions around developing an ethical practice in corporations and institutions; or the paradoxes at play when contradictory ideas exist simultaneously within the issue/s the workshop aims to address; or how does a workshop generate an experience that validates the plurality for members from diverse backgrounds and experiences? We invite submission in three categories:


1. Embedded workshops (1.5hrs): Proposals that are embedded within a workplace, in the field or at the site of specific service design-oriented projects. These workshops give participants an insight into local practices and working environments. Please note, submissions can be made by visitors from outside Melbourne if they can partner with a local practice. 


2. Thematic workshops (1.5hrs): Proposals that explore concepts, theories, processes, frameworks, practices and pragmatics through a smaller workshop format. Venues will be provided but please include specific requirements, such as materials, facilities and technologies in your proposal. 


3. Workshopping workshops (1.5hrs): The practice of running ‘workshops’ is evolving but the variety and efficacy of methods remains opaque. This track aims to elevate the methods of ‘the workshop’ itself as the topic to be investigated. The type of workshop, how it functions and reflection on what it is and does, will be the focus of the interaction. Venues will be provided but please include specific requirements, such as materials, facilities and technologies in your proposal. 


Student Forums

(Deadline 1st Dec 2019):


This track invites Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students and recent graduates to a dedicated day of discussions, workshops and networking.

This forum aims to provide a platform for you to discuss your work, exchange ideas, gain feedback from recent graduates, and to network with experts and emerging practitioners in Service Design, to share examples of work underway or completed and to celebrate excellent work. Please submit a 250-word abstract including an indication of whether you wish to present a poster or a presentation (or both) and how you are addressing one or more of the conference themes. Prizes will be given for best poster and best presentation. 

All submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed and therefore must be anonymous.


This means they must not contain name(s) of author(s) or any references of institutions. It should also be in English, formatted to the ServDes conference template (coming soon).


References and citations must follow APA guidelines. Submissions that do not comply will be returned and requested to follow these guidelines. Links to the conference submission will be provided soon.

For more information please contact:

Service Design Melbourne #ServDes2020




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