Catering at ServDes.2020

Reflecting our principles and those of RMIT University, ServDes.2020 aims to work with suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, minimising waste, positive social impact and to shared futures with Indigenous peoples. This means we aim for:  

  • daily seasonal food delivery from local and sustainable sources to minimize waste  

  • the incorporation of native ingredients (herbs, fruits, succulents and spices) where possible to celebrate the diverse cultures of Australia  

  • fresh food made on site, avoiding the use of par-made or frozen goods  

  • recycling, composting and/or organic disposal of all food waste  

  • minimal single use items, such as china crockery, metal cutlery/serving platters and glassware  

  • 100% recycled, biodegradable tableware which can be locally composted with food scraps    


The suppliers include local non-profit organisations that are working with people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, long-term unemployment and social disadvantage. We also aim to work with suppliers that are family businesses, community-run and support Indigenous enterprises.

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