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Behind the scenes of ServDes.2020 engaged students in exploring and creating services and experiences to explore conferences themes Tensions, Paradoxes and Plurality. RMIT School of Design Students from Second and Third year Communication Design Studios and the Master of Communication Design participated as Work Integrated Learning. These propositions are still under development but here are some previews of the thinking and ideation for the conference experience.

Developing the Brand

One of the first studios linked to ServDes 2020 was the development of the branding. The winning design showed the potential to visualise the conference themes of Tensions, Paradoxes and Plurality through the bending and collision of line elements.

Video to come soon.


These studios were ideal opportunities to learn about and practice a broad range of methods and research in Service Design while developing the services and experiences of the conference. Codesigning, workshops, testing, prototyping and evaluating with a variety of potential and actual ServDes.2020 attendees was an important approach in their learning and development of their propositions.

Food Experience and Sustainability

Food production and consumption makes up 37% of the Victorian Ecological Footprint, so having a sustainable food experience was an important factor to consider when organising the ServDes.2020 conference.

These design propositions aim to educate delegates about food choices and start conversations around zero-waste and a sustainable future. These self-serve type of food delivery aim to be more efficient and boost socialization between attendees:

  • 100% vegetarian grazing table to allow for easy catering, management and reinforces the ServDes.2020 sustainability principles.

  • Minimal waste with only crockery to be washed and a possible washing station where attendees clean their own dishes.

  • Fusion bar as an interactive food experience featuring different cuisines each day, mixing different food cultures together. 

Due to COVID-19 health risks and logistical issues, ServDes.2020 are unable to take these ideas forward, but we honoured their ideas to support local food businesses and producers, especially those who work towards causes for the community.

ServDes.2020 are proud to have selected Mary and Steve as one of the caterers for the conference:

Food Journey - ServDes 2020

Epa.vic.gov.au. (2005). Victoria’s Ecological Footprint. Available at: https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/about-epa/publications/975

Melbourne Story

This proposition aimed to engage visitors through an interactive map of the Kulin Nation. It began as a curiosity of not knowing the history and culture of Melbourne for these international students. In the end, their curiosity became an immense learning opportunity, since they are from countries that were also colonised (Singapore, India and Hong Kong) and felt closer to the devastating effects such as the erasure of their own culture and the implementation of racist policies that divided their communities that are still ingrained in their societies. The prototype was developed to celebrate the significant sites for the various groups of the Kulin Nation.

Video to come soon.

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